Regional Coastal Adaptation Monitoring Program (RCAMP)

RFP Timeline:
Questions were due 10/7/2022
Response to Questions 10/10/2022
Submittal Date 10/24/2022
Potential Consultant Interviews 10/27/2022
Contract Selection Complete 11/4/2022
BEACON Board Approval of Contract 11/18/2022

BEACON, acting in cooperation with City of Santa Barbara and the California Coastal Commission, is coordinating the development of the Regional Coastal Adaptation Monitoring Program (RCAMP). The RCAMP will establish a plan and identify pilot projects. BEACON is seeking a consultant or consultants to assist BEACON, the City of Santa Barbara, and the California Coastal Commission in successfully preparing the plan and identifying pilot projects. Details of the tasks to be undertaken are described in the attached RFP.

Please direct any questions by email to Marc Beyeler, BEACON, Executive Director. Email =


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