King Tides – A Brief Introduction

What are King Tides?

  • Highest annual tide events that occur when there is an alignment in the gravitational attractions of the sun, the moon and the earth wile at the same time the moon and the sun are at their closest approaches to the earth
  • Occur infrequently but on a regular, predictable basis
  • Increase the potential for coastal flooding and damage
  • Help to illustrate the impact of future sea level rise

Example: Refugio Beach
Example: Isla Vista
Example: Goleta Slough
Example: East Beach – Santa Barbara
Example: Rock Beach – Carpinteria
Example: Emma Wood State Beach
Example: C Street – Ventura
The Bigger Picture – Climate Change
Sea Level Rise Projections
(Powerpoint presentation to BEACON Board Members during regularly schedule meeting, Friday, January 18, 2019)